For Problem Owners

Access to solutions (existing products or developed through collaboration), utilizing resources from a diverse community with potential for lower cost with applications in multiple markets.

                          For Problem Solvers

Access to new challenges with potential benefits from deploying existing solutions, shared development, commercializing to secondary markets, or participating in a collaboration project.

​​The TCC has recently released new Collaboration Requests, including new requests with response deadlines in December.  The new requests are:


​  ITB - Image Transfer Belt (response deadline - December 15, 2017)
​  TIM - Thinwall Injection Molding (response deadline - December 15, 2017)

Shell GameChanger: (may qualify for $150,000 to $300,000 of "proof of concept" funding)

  Improved Environment & Conservation - Water; Integrated Goesciences - Carbonate Reservoirs;
​  Improved Hydrocarbon Recovery TechnologiesNew Energies – Digitalization: Machine Learning;
​  New Energies – Grids of the FutureNew Energies – New Route to Oxygenated Intermediates;
​  New Energies – Solar Fuel InnovationsNWT – Novel Wells Technologies
​  Real Time Monitoring and Control and Data Analytics
​  Safety, Sustainability, and Carbon Footprint Reduction

NASA Johnson Space Center also has 10 open Collaboration Requests, including:
​  SSC - Space Suit Components (response deadline - December 15, 2017)

Open Collaboration Requests

The TCC is currently planning the 2018 event slate.  If your organization would benefit from a TCC event in a technology area, please contact the TCC to get your topic area on the list for consideration next year by the TCC's member Advisory Council.

Presentations for past events are available for download on the event pages.


The TCC encourages collaboration through the following programs:

What we do?

The Technology Collaboration Center:

  • an independent 501c3 non-profit,
  • is a partnership between the NASA Johnson Space Center, industry and universities,
  • with the mission of solving difficult technology problems by encouraging innovation and formation of new collaboration partnerships,
  • utilizing diverse expertise from industry, academia and government, across technology sectors, including Houston’s space, energy and health communities.

Innovating Solutions through Collaboration

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