In December, 2015, the TCC will host its first TCC Advisory Council Meeting at the NASA JSC Gilruth Center.

The goal for this meeting will be to discuss challenges in finding collaboration opportunities and in forming new partnerships, and how the TCC can do more in 2016 to help. 

In 2014, a steering committee of founding partners met over a 3 month period to develop the TCC's launch strategy for 2015.  Now that the TCC has begun operating as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has implemented the two programs planned by the steering committee for 2015 (the Collaboration Concierge Service and the TCC Events program), it's time to review and update the TCC's strategy for 2016, with input from organizations that can benefit from the TCC's help in creating new partnerships.

Organizations interested in creating or joining collaboration partnerships, working together to solve difficult technology challenges, should plan to participate in the TCC's 2015 Advisory Council Meeting.

For more information about participating in the meeting, please click here or contact the TCC's Executive Director for more information.

2015 TCC Advisory Committee Meeting - December