Technology events

The TCC periodically holds or participates in events on specific technology areas, bringing together the community on topic areas of potential interest for new joint technology development partnerships.


The TCC concept arose after a series of high level meetings, focusing on how the community can more fully utilize the technological capabilities in the greater Houston region.  A shared interest among our communities is in the development of more efficient interdisciplinary approaches to real world problems, with the goal of bringing those solutions into practice and to the market. 

And, while the initial focus on planning for the collaboration center was on building more partnerships within the Space, Medicine and Energy communities in the Houston area, the mission of the TCC was expanded to provide support for any technology and industry, involving organizations from any location.

In 2014, a steering committee held a series of meetings to develop a proposal for launching a new Technology Collaboration Center in Houston. An interim Board of Directors was formed in December, with commitments from founding partners to launch the new center in January, 2015.

In 2015, the TCC began operations as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on April 1, launching two programs - a TCC Events series and the Collaboration Concierge Service.  The Events program was a successor to the JSC Connect series of 5 events held in 2014 by the Houston Technology Center, Gulf Coast RCIC, Texas Emerging Technology Fund and NASA Johnson Space Center.  TCC held two 2015 events on Water Quality and Knowledge Management and was a supporting organization in other events, including SpaceCom.

In 2016, the TCC held 3 Technologies events on wearable technologies, radiation and remote sensing.  The TCC also began the transition to a formal membership program, with the TCC's Board of Directors and Advisory Council composed only from TCC membership.

Founding partners


                                       Bob Prochnow
                                       Executive Director


Bob joins the TCC as the Executive Director, responsible for the operations of the center. 

He previously served as the Director of the Texas Emerging Technology Fund's Gulf Coast Regional Center of Innovation and Commercialization (RCIC), the longest serving RCIC Director since the program was launched in 2005, with an office at the NASA Johnson Space Center since 2011.

As RCIC Director, Bob advised hundreds of startup companies and worked with an active community of hundreds of volunteers participating on the RCIC's Board and Review Committees, reviewing applications and providing advice to emerging technology startup companies.

Bob has served as an executive in energy and IT technology companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500.  In 2001, he was recognized by COMPUTERWORLD as a 2001 Premier 100 IT Leader.  In 2013, he was honored by Governor Rick Perry for service to the State of Texas.

COLLABORATION concierge service

Through the TCC's Collaboration Concierge Service program, the TCC finds potential partners and helps organizations form new collaboration partnerships, solving difficult problems and bringing those solutions to the market.