Request ID:  DTOC

Request Title:  Diagnostic Technologies for Oral Care

Submitting Organization:  P&G

Response Deadline:  July 28, 2017

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Diagnostic technologies, products, devices, or techniques in the field of Oral Care

Solutions that enable the consumer to monitor their health (including habits & behaviors), identify areas of concern, and drive good health practices

Benefit areas of interest:

  • Identification of oral health issues and combinations thereof
    • Gingivitis/Periodontitis
    • Caries
    • Tooth color change
    • Bad/Unhealthy Breath
    • Saliva composition that would indicate any oral or whole body health condition
    • Other
  • Assessment of cleaning efficacy on multiple oral surfaces (e.g. teeth, gums, and tongue)
  • Monitor oral hygiene metrics to encourage healthy habits
  • Foster more complete/thorough cleaning
  • Assessment or monitoring of whole body health conditions via oral detection

Product forms may include:

  • Paste/Gel
  • Floss
  • Rinse
  • Strip or Tray
  • Brush
  • Separate Device/Alternate Form/Combination
  • Smart Technologies for Assessment and Feedback, e.g. visual
  • Business Models


  • Provide a meaningful/measurable indication of efficacy
  • Have been demonstrated effective in the laboratory or for products currently available commercially
  • Provide visual or other sensorial signal indicating cleaning efficacy & health/assessment status of oral hard or soft tissue (teeth, gums, tongue, saliva, combinations, etc.)
  • Human safety has been confirmed
  • Have early consumer or clinical studies, an identified path to FDA approval, or FDA approval under the appropriate class
  • Have IP protection (granted or filed patent applications are preferred, ideally w/ global reach)
  • Link results to effect on health and general well-being

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