Tuesday, October 17:​

  8:00 - Networking Breakfast/Registration
  8:30 - Welcome
  8:45 - Guest Speaker, NASA Johnson Space Center

  9:05 - Overview of EVA Architecture and Concept Operations
  9:40 - Deep Space Gateway Mission & Stack Architecture
10:15 - Deep Space Transport & Mars Mission Architecture
10:45 - Networking Break

11:00 - EVA Exploration Airlock
11:35 - NextSTEP Habitat Ground Test Plans
12:05 - Lunch: NextSTEP Deep Space Gateway EVA Spacewalk VR Demo
  1:00 - Enabling Human Exploration through Integrated Operational
​              Testing: NASA’s Exploration & Science Analogs
  2:05 - EVA Human Health & Performance
 3:10 - Networking Break
 3:30 - xEMU Lite Plan and Status
 4:30 - Closing Remarks
 4:45 - Networking Event
 7:00 - Adjourn

Wednesday, October 18:

  8:00 - Networking Breakfast/Registration

  8:30 - Welcome
  8:45 - Guest Speaker, NASA EVA Exploration Office
  9:15 - Morning Parallel Technical Track Sessions:
            > Suit Hardware, Operations, Human Health & Performance
12:25 - Lunch
  1:15 - Afternoon Parallel Technical Track Sessions:
             > Suit Hardware, Operations
​  3:55 - Networking Break
  4:15 - A Basic Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights Pursuant to
​              NASA Procurement Contracts
  5:00 - Closing Remarks
  5:15 - Adjourn

Thursday, October 19:

  7:45 - Networking Breakfast/Registration

  8:00 - Welcome
  8:15 - Summary of Day 2 Technical Track Discussions
  8:50 - Identifying NASA Technical Needs & Opportunities:
              TA Roadmap Links to SBIR/STTR
  9:25 - Accessing & Sharing EVA Human Research & Medical Data
10:00 - Beyond the Technical Team
10:30 - Networking Break & Pick Up Lunches

10:45 - Industry Round Robin

  1:00 - Closing Remarks
​  1:30 - Adjourn

  1:30-5:00 - Pre-Scheduled One-on-One Meetings with NASA

EVA Technology Workshop - October 17-19, 2017, hosted by NASA Johnson Space Center

Are you developing EVA technologies?

Are you looking for opportunities to collaborate on new EVA technology development?

The Technology Collaboration Center held a 3 day EVA Technology Workshop, hosted by NASA Johnson Space Center, on October 17 to 19. At this workshop, NASA presented their latest plans for deep space exploration and next generation EVA (extravehicular activity/spacesuit) technologies.

On Day 1, presentations provided an overview of NASA's deep space exploration plans and their needs for next generation EVA technologies.

On Day 2, in parallel technical track sessions on key technology areas, attendees participated in interactive sessions to explore each of the technology areas.

On Day 3, the Day 2 technical session discussions were summarized, with NASA presentations on the opportunities for collaboration with NASA on new EVA technology developments and projects, along with an Industry Round Robin session over lunch. During the afternoon, attendees were able to hold one-on-one meetings with NASA to explore potential collaborations and partnerships related to
EVA technology.

Event sponsors: 

  • Diamond:
      UTC Aerospace Systems
  • Platinum:
      SGT, Inc.
  • Gold:
    ​  Sophic Synergistics
  • Silver:
      The Aerospace Corporation
      Oceaneering Space Systems

For more information, please visit the NASA Suit Up website.  NOTE - all presentations and images are copied from the NASA website.

Presentations (click on presentation title to download presentation), all presentations by NASA Johnson Space Center:

  U.S. Exploration EVA: Architecture and ConOps Overview, Jesse Buffington

  JSC Support of NASA’s Deep Space Gateway & Transport, Jose Caram

  Deep Space Transport (DST) and Mars Mission Architecture, John Connolly

  EVA Exploration Airlock, Jesse Buffington

  NextSTEP Habitat Ground Test, Bill Othon

  Enabling Human Exploration through Integrated Operational Testing: NASA’s Exploration & Science Analogs, Marc Reagan, David Coan

  EVA Human Health & Performance, Andrew Abercromby, Jason Norcross, Linh Vu, Yaritza Bernal

  xEMU Lite Plan and Status, Liana Rodriggs

  XPGS Lite, Amy Ross

  Exploration Portable Life Support System (xPLSS), Colin Campbell

  Space Suit Inspired CO2: Development of Standard Test Methods and Exposure Requirements, Omar Bekdash, Johnny Conkin

  EVA System Maturation Team Status, Raul Blanco

  A Basic Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights Pursuant to NASA Procurement Contracts, Ted Ro

  Summary of Day 2 Technical Track Discussions, Liana Rodriggs, Jesse Buffington, Andrew Abercromby

  NASA SBIR/STTR Successes, Opportunities, and Pathways for EVA, Cinda Chullen

  Accessing NASA Astronaut Medical and Research Data, Lesley Lee, Mary Van Baalen

  Beyond the Technical Team, Steve Rader

Panel Discussions:

  Role of EVA in Exploration (DSF to Mars Surface), Jesse Buffington, John Swatkowski, Kim Ess, Stephen Bowen

  EVA Human Modeling, Andrew Abercromby, Richard Rhodes, Leia Stirling, Robert Sanders, Han Kim

  Validating Surface Exploration Operation Concepts, Kelsey Young, Natalie Mary, Mary Walker, Trevor Graff

  EVA Bioinformatics, Meghan Downs, Chris Gerty, Marlei Walton

  Quantifying Suit Fit & Performance, Richard Rhodes, David Graziosi, Elizabeth Benson, Richard Fineman

  Planetary Protection and Dust Mitigation Panel, Natalie Mary, Cassie Conley, Michele Rucker, Ben Peters, Aaron Regberg

  VR/AR Capabilites in Support of Space Vehicle EVA Training Operations, Eddie Paddock, Kelsey Young, Lui Wang
    Overview of NASA EVA Virtual Reality Training, Past, Present and Future, Eddie Paddock

    Using Hybrid Reality to Explore Scientific Exploration Scenarios, Kelsey Young

  Hardware Track Summary