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Event Attendee or Presenter Registration

​No TCC events are currently accepting registrations.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming TCC event, please complete the form below.  All event participants will receive an agenda prior to the event, along with contact information for each of the presenters or their organizations.

Anyone may request the opportunity to make a relevant presentation at the event.  Presentations must be related to the technology topic area for the event, and cover unmet needs, new technology development or relevant capabilities.  When registering for the event, if you wish to make a presentation, please provide a brief summary of your presentation topic.  The TCC will notify you prior to the event if your presentation will be included in the event's agenda.

Potential presenters are encouraged to register as early as possible prior to the event.  While the deadline for submitting Presentation Requests is two weeks prior to the event, it is possible the TCC may finalize the agenda earlier.

The TCC charges an event ticket fee per registration of either $100 for non-members or $50 for members & presenters.  Non-members can purchase an Individual TCC membership for $100 and immediately qualify for the $50 member ticket discount.  Please submit ticket payments through the TCC's online store using the button below (hosted by Square). 

NOTE member discounted tickets must be purchased no later than noon, three business days preceding the event; any tickets purchased after that time will be charged at the non-member rate of $100 per ticket.

The deadline for registering for an event is noon, the business day preceding the event.

 If you have any difficulty in completing this registration form,
  please e-mail the requested information directly to info@tcc-houston.org.