Are you using or interested in using knowledge management systems?

     Do you have any lessons learned or extensions you wish to share with other organizations?

          Are you looking for partners for collaborating on the use of knowledge management tools?

This event will be hosted by and held at the NASA Johnson Space Center, sponsored by SGT, and will be an opportunity for Knowledge Management technologies users and developers to meet and share lessons learned, and collaborate on best practices and developing extensions for knowledge management tools (such as the open source MediaWiki package or Microsoft’s SharePoint).

Presentations will be from experts representing the space, energy and medicine communities, across industry, academia and government - any organization can request an opportunity to present their knowledge management topic.

The preliminary agenda includes a combination of presentations and interactive breakout sessions, covering topics of interest to knowledge management system users and developers, such as:

  • Accelerating the Development of a Knowledge Sharing Program
  • Data Organization
  • NASA Strategy for Critical Data Visibility through Knowledge Management
  • History of the NASA EVA Wiki
  • The Perfect Knowledge Management Solution?
  • Shifting an Enterprise Culture to the Wiki Way
  • Quantifying Wiki Accountability

Anyone with an interest in using Knowledge Management technologies should plan to attend the event.

Any organization is invited to make a KM-related presentation. The deadline for submitting presentation requests is noon, Tuesday, May 26.

The event agenda will be published prior to the event.

Knowledge Management Technologies Event hosted by NASA JSC - June 9, 2015