PRESENTATIONS (click on presentation title to download presentation):

Baylor College of Medicine (TCC Member):

  Cristian Coarfa:  Environmental Exposures and the Epigenome: The Writing is on the Wall

  Shashikant Kulkarni: Quest for a Shortcut to Precision Omics

  Olivier Lictharge:  Omics Applications of Evolutionary Theory

  Lynn Zechiedrich:  After all the 'Omics: A New Solution


  Liz Warren:  Results from ISS-National Lab Microbiome Workshop

KBRWyle (TCC Member):

  Tina Bayuse:  Pharmacogenomics: One Potential Factor in Personalizing Space Medicine

  Zarana Patel:  Omics Approaches for Space Radiation Risk Assessment in Astronauts

NASA Johnson Space Center (TCC Member):

  Marc Ott:  Advantages and Context of Omic Approaches for Microbial Risk Assessments of Spacecraft Environments

  Kate Rubins: Systems Biology Approaches for Spacecraft Environments - KEYNOTE

  Sarah Wallace:  Beyond DNA Sequencing in Space: Current and Future Omics Capabilities of the Biomolecule Sequencer Payload  

National Institutes of Health/NIAID:

  Carmen Rios:  Predictive-omics: A NIAID Perspective

Sandia National Laboratories:

  Glory Aviña:  Assessing Human Health Through Real-Time Data Collection at the Grand Canyon

  Ronen Polsky:  Transdermal Microneedle Sensors to Measure Biomarker Signatures and Report on Human Performance

Scripps Research Institute:

  Nathan Grubaugh:  AstroPath: Virus Evolution and Diagnostics in Space

Stanford Medical School:

  Ash Alizadeh:  Circulating Tumor DNA Analysis for Personalized Cancer Detection and Monitoring

University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine:

  Charles Chiu:  Real-Time Metagenomic Next-Generation Analysis for Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston:

  Zhongming Zhao:  Bioinformatics Research in the Era of Big Data and Precision Medicine

Weill Cornell Medicine:

  Daniela Bezdan:  New Technologies and Methods for Sequencing on Earth and Space

Omics Workshop Pictures

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  7:30 – Networking Breakfast
  8:00 – Welcome, NASA Keynote
  8:30 – Presentation Panel Session 1
  9:45 – Networking Break
10:15 – Presentation Panel Session 2
11:45 – Lunch
12:30 – TCC Overview
12:45 – Presentation Panel Session 3
  2:15 – Networking Break
  2:45 – Presentation Panel Session 4
  4:00 – Working Group Sessions              ​
                          Microbial & Environmental
                          Data Analytics
                          Cancer & Precision Medicine
  5:00 – Adjourn

Are you developing or applying omics to assess human health or understand the environment?

Are you looking for omics-related solutions or collaboration partners?

Omics Workshop - April 11, 2017, hosted by NASA at the Johnson Space Center - SOLD OUT

NASA and the Technology Collaboration Center held an Omics Workshop, at the NASA Johnson Space Center, on April 11, 2017, covering a broad range of cross-industry Omics and Systems Biology topic areas.

Omics integrates multiple biological disciplines (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, epigenomics, metabolomics and microbiomics) to focus on measurements of a diverse array of biomolecules.

This event brought together organizations from a variety of sectors to accelerate shared awareness of the rapidly changing state of the art in omics science and technology, with presentations on the latest advances and unmet challenges, in a format providing an opportunity for participants to network and explore potential partnerships, including working group sessions fostering collaborative insight on specific topics.

For more information about the event or to contact the presenters, please send an e-mail to