PRESENTATIONS (click on presentation title to download presentation):

KBRWyle (TCC Member):
  Shaowen Hu:  Dynamic Plotting of Radiation Dose and Health
  Ianik Plante:  Phone App Calculating Basic Radiation Properties

  Martin Leitgab:  Crew Personal Active Dosimeters

NASA Johnson Space Center (TCC Member):
  Dickey Arndt:  Magnetic Shielding
  Steven Koontz:  Ionizing Radiation Environment on the International Space Station
  Pat O’Neill: Radiation Testing of Avionics for Low Earth Orbit Human Spacecraft
  Brandon Reddell:  Certification of Electronics with Heavy Ions for Deep Space
  Robert Trevino:  Advanced Exploration EVA and IVA Human Radiation Shielding – Past & Present

National Institutes of Health:
  David Cassatt:  Development of Medical Countermeasures against Radiation at NIAID
  Marriline Satyamitra:  NIAID-RNCP: Biomarkers and Biodosimetry Development

Prairie View A&M:
  Brad Gersey:  Space Radiation Shielding Studies
  Premkumar Saganti:  New CMOS Radiation Detectors – Deep-Space Payloads and Particle Tracks

Technical University of Munich:
  Martin Losekamm:  Real-Time Radiation Monitoring Devices

Texas A&M (TCC Member):
  Debjyoti Banerjee: Low Temperature Synthesis of Organic Nano-Coatings for Radiation Applications
  Jeff Chancellor:  Comparison of Clinical and Space Radiation Research
  Jeff Chancellor:  Wearable Dosimetry and Related Technologies
  Dan Melconian:  Cyclotron Facility and Using if for Rad-Hard Testing

University of Texas Medical Branch:
  Darrell Carney:  Mitigating Effects of Radiation Exposure with Thrombin Peptide TP508

University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center (TCC Member):
  David Grosshans:  Mapping the Biologic Effectiveness of Particle Beams as a Function of Dose and LET

Radiation Technologies Event - September 21, 2016 at NASA Johnson Space Center


  8:00 – Networking Breakfast

  8:30 – Welcome & Announcements

  8:45 – Presentation Panel Session 1

10:15 – Networking Break

10:30 – Presentation Panel Session 2

12:00 – Lunch

12:30 – TCC Overview

12:45 – Presentation Panel Session 3

  2:15 – Networking Break

  2:30 – Presentation Panel Session 4

  4:00 – Adjourn

The Radiation Technologies event will be held at the NASA Johnson Space Center, on Wednesday, September 21, 2016.

This event brought together organizations needing or developing new radiation-related technologies – covering radiation detection, protection, and use of radiation for applications.  The event included presentations on the latest technology advances and unmet challenges, in a format providing an opportunity for participants to network and explore potential partnerships.

For more information about the event or to contact the presenters, please send an e-mail to

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