Are you developing remote sensing-related technologies?

Are you looking for remote sensing-related solutions or collaboration partners?

Remote Sensing Technologies Event - October 12, 2016 at NASA Johnson Space Center - SOLD OUT


Advanced Energy Consortium:

  Autonomous integrated microsensors technology

Aerospace Corporation (TCC Member):

  Hypersspectral imaging (HIS) capabilities

Airbus DS Space Systems:

  BARTOLOMEO:  New Observation Platform on ISS

Cleaview Subsea:

  Ultra-deepwater produced water monitoring


  Shining light on Texas Tea:  an overview of downhole optical fiber sensing


  On premise data validation


  Sensor to cloud solutions in the industrial sector

Lux Research:

  Remote sensing research

NASA Johnson Space Center (TCC Member):

  Lunar reconnaissance orbiter: redefining the moon for the 21st century  

  Measuring on-orbit clearance between ISS hardware using imagery

  NASA planetary cartography

  NEEMO-21: Incorporating GIS into NASA analog missions

  Remote sensing from the International Space Station (ISS)

Rebellion Photonics:

  Unique spectral imaging video for gas detection

Rice University (TCC Member):

  4D compressive imaging for hyperspatial video

  Snapshot hyperspectral imaging systems for aerial & orbital platforms

Strategic Sensing Alliance (TCC Member)

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi (TCC Member):

  Advanced analytical technique for processing UAS and underwater data

  Development of UAS based high throughput phenotyping system

  UAS photo-bathymetry in shallow coastal water: challenges & potential

Vigilant Aerospace Systems:

  Detect-and-avoid for integration of unmanned systems into national airspace


The Remote Sensing Technologies event will be held at the NASA Johnson Space Center, a TCC Full Member organization, scheduled for 8AM to 4PM.

This event will bring together organizations needing or developing new remote sensing technologies.  The event will include presentations on the latest technology advances and unmet challenges, in a format providing an opportunity for participants to network and explore potential partnerships.

"Remote Sensing" covers a wide range of technologies related to sensors taking measurements, where the object being measured, the sensors taking the measurements, and the systems processing the data may be located in different locations.  This covers a broad range of potential applications such as measurements by satellite, underwater monitoring, energy, medical, traffic management, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Presentations may cover the sensors taking the measurements; communications transmitting measurements by wired or wireless connections; powering the devices; software controlling the devices; integration of components; application software integrating and processing data received from the sensors.

Any organization can request to make a presentation at the event, if presentation slots are available.

Register to attend or make a presentation at  All event participants are required to register prior to the event. Details on the event agenda and location will be provided to registered attendees, within a week of the event.

Event tickets are $25 for TCC members (through noon, October 7), and $50 for non-members. Registration and payment is online through the TCC’s website.

The Strategic Sensing Alliance ( is sponsoring the event; the Strategic Sensing Alliance is a TCC Community Member.  The SSA’s mission is to stimulate the sustainable deployment of sensing solutions across industries including energy, medical, space and more, helping to connect technology to industry challenges.

The preliminary agenda for the event is:

    8:00 – Networking Breakfast
    8:30 – Welcome & Announcements
    8:45 – Presentation Panel Session 1
  10:15 – Networking Break
  10:30 – Presentation Panel Session 2
  12:00 – Lunch
  12:30 – TCC Overview
  12:45 – Presentation Panel Session 3
    2:15 – Networking Break
    2:30 – Presentation Panel Session 4
    4:00 – Adjourn