SpaceCom - December 5-7, 2017

Are you seeking solutions to your technology challenges?

     Could technologies developed for space be applied to solve your challenges?

          Are you looking for collaboration partners who could adapt space technologies to your needs?

The Technology Collaboration Center is a Supporting Partner of SpaceCom, a TCC Member.  TCC Executive Director Bob Prochnow will be a conference program speaker on Tuesday, December 5, participating in the session on Public & Private Sector Cooperation, and has served on this year's Program Planning Committee, representing the TCC's community's interest in cross-sector technologies and collaboration partnerships.

SpaceCom 2017, the Space Commerce Conference and Exposition, will present a powerful three-day event engineered to explore the nexus between space innovation and your industry.  Attendees will be able to explore business opportunities from, and between, space and terrestrial industries, with an emphasis on common technology challenges across industries. It will also explore ways to create and capitalize on new business opportunities and engage directly with NASA.

SpaceCom is not just another space show, it is very involved with the new space race, serving as a nexus for utilizing space innovation across multiple industry sectors.

This year's SpaceCom will focus on the intersection points of the following industries: advanced manufacturing, agribusiness, energy, maritime, medical, and aerospace.  Throughout the interactive, three-day conference program, attendees will benefit from high-impact, engagement opportunities:

  • Explore space applications that help increase sales and market share
  • Learn how the use of data from space satellites can drive new global commercial markets
  • Interact with NASA and the commercial space industry to provide technology that helps fulfill their mission
  • Discover how to access the International Space Station (ISS) to research, study and build new products and services
  • Network with the vibrant investment community focused on space-related activities

SpaceCom’s show floor will be packed with content, products and premium engagement opportunities that will help attendees capitalize on the commercialization of space to accelerate growth and profitability. The show room will have thousands of services and products across 24,000 square feet, including autonomous systems, data analytics, financial services, microgravity research, robotics, satellite integrators, and much more.

To view the confirmed program agenda, speaker line-up and/or to register, visit  Use the VIP Code - TCC75OFF to qualify for a $75 discount off the full conference registration.

Use VIP Code TCC75OFF to save $75 off full conference registration!