Open Request - SSC - Space Suit Components


Request ID:  SSC

Request Title:  Space Suit Components

Submitting Organization:  NASA Johnson Space Center

Response Deadline:  December 15, 2017

For Questions about Request:  Send e-mail to

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) invites industry to submit responses to this Request for Information (RFI) to assist NASA’s continuing development of an exploration Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) space suit. NASA intends to continue developing the next generation space suit in-house using existing and new technology and qualify it for flight demonstrations on the International Space Station (ISS). As NASA looks to strongly
leverage over a decade of investment in technology and system maturation and to minimize future cost and schedule, we are specifically seeking information from industry on components that can be used to assemble the next generation space suit. References (attached and publically available) within this document are provided for context and information associated with EVA hardware to help industry develop innovative solutions to NASA’s current EVA challenges within the constraints of this RFI. They are not intended to mandate a particular solution.

This RFI is being used to gather market research for NASA to make decisions regarding the capability and interest of a commercial offeror or offerors to provide specific components to be integrated into the space-suit system. NASA may choose to post a subsequent revision to this RFI to request further information from industry to support NASA's acquisition planning for the contemplated procurement.


Ultimately, human explorers will require exploration EVA suits for cislunar space and beyond.  Such suits must be available for deep-space exploration destinations and environments, and for contingency EVAs. Advanced space suit design, manufacture, and operation must address a wide range of considerations that NASA has identified. 

NASA intends to transition from technology development and systems maturation conducted in the past, and move toward a focused flight delivery milestone for an advanced space suit to be demonstrated on the ISS in the mid-2020s. As the strategy for human space exploration beyond
low-Earth Orbit (LEO) progresses, the plan for the flight demonstration suit includes decision points that offer flexibility and adaptability to accommodate several potential outcomes. The development of a flight demonstration unit will enable a technical path to an Extra-vehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) replacement or a deep-space exploration EVA space suit or both. The plan also defers significant budgetary commitments expected for solicitation of a major acquisition.

For more details, please download the Collaboration Request document.