Day 1 – Challenge Day

  8:00 – Networking Breakfast

  8:30 – Welcome & Announcements

  8:45 – Challenge Team Presentations

10:15 – Networking Break

10:30 – Challenge Team Presentations

12:00 – Lunch

12:30 – NASA Keynote Speakers

  3:00 – NASA Tour

Day 2 - Presentation Day

  8:00 – Networking Breakfast
  8:30 – Welcome & Announcements
  8:45 – Presentation Panel Session 1
10:15 – Networking Break
10:30 – Presentation Panel Session 2
12:00 – Lunch
12:30 – TCC Overview
12:45 – Presentation Panel Session 3
  2:15 – Networking Break
  2:30 – Presentation Panel Session 4
  4:00 – Adjourn

The Technology Collaboration Center will hold a two day workshop on Wearable Technologies on Monday & Tuesday, April 23-24, 2018, hosted by NASA at the Johnson Space Center.

Day 1 - Challenge Day

For this workshop, the TCC is introducing a new Challenge Program, where organizations can submit their unmet Wearable Technologies challenges to the TCC.  The TCC will solicit proposals from universities (student teams), startup companies, and anyone else on developing a proof-of-concept prototype addressing one of the challenges.

The schedule for the Challenge Program is:

  • October 1 - TCC begins accepting Challenge Requests from organizations looking for solutions to their unmet wearable technology challenges
  • December 15 - Deadline for submitting Challenge Requests to the TCC
  • January 1 - TCC begins accepting Challenge Team Proposals from universities (student teams), startup companies or anyone else interested in responding to the challenge
  • January 24 - Deadline for submitting Challenge Team Proposals to the TCC
  • January 29 @ 1PM CT - Conference Call with Challenge Contacts to select Team Proposals and assign Teams to Challenges
  • January 31 - TCC announces the Challenge Team assignments
  • April 6 - Deadline for Challenge Teams to register their attendees for Challenge Day
  • April 23 - Challenge Day, the first day of the TCC's 2-day Wearable Technologies workshop

If you are interested in submitting a Challenge Request, please click here to download the Challenge Request form.

More information will be provided later for organizations interested in submitting Challenge Team Proposals in January.

Day 2 - Presentation Day

The second day of the event will be a typical TCC workshop, with presentations on the latest wearable technology developments or unmet challenges related to wearables.

If your organization has a strong interest in wearable technologies (either as a producer or a user), please contact the TCC if you're interested in serving on the Planning Committee for this workshop, or in making a presentation (send an e-mail to or call at 281-969-7801).

More details on this event will be provided later.

Please contact the TCC for sponsorship opportunities.

Wearable Technologies Event - April 23-24, 2018 hosted by NASA JSC

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