Team Registrations will be forwarded to the Challenge contacts for the first, second and possibly third choice Challenges.  The Team Contact will be notified once the Team has been assigned to a Challenge, which may take several business days.

Wearable Technologies Challenge Team Registration

Please complete this form to request a assignment of your team to a Challenge.  Teams will be assigned on a first-come, first-served, basis, with approval of the Challenge organization.

If you have any difficulty in completing this form, please provide the requested information via e-mail to

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The Technology Collaboration Center, in partnership with the NASA Johnson Space Center, will hold a Wearable Technologies Challenge Day on Monday, April 23, as the first day of the TCC’s 2-day Wearable Technologies Workshop.

Teams from universities, startup companies or other organizations will have an opportunity on April 23 to demonstrate their proof-of-concept prototypes developed to address one of the submitted Challenges.  At least one representative from each team must be present on April 23 and able to demonstrate the results of their project.

Complete this form as soon as possible to request a Challenge be assigned to your team.  Teams will be assigned primarily on a first-come, first-served basis, with approval by the organizations that have submitted Challenges.

The TCC cannot provide any funding to project teams, though organizations that have submitted Challenges may offer some assistance (as indicated in their Challenge Requests).

The results of the Team projects and intellectual property are the property of the Team, and not the organization submitting the Challenge, unless the Team agrees to a transfer.  Those arrangements will be your responsibility – the TCC will not be a party for any agreements.  Any information provided to the TCC or presented at the TCC’s workshop will be considered as non-confidential.

NOTE - there are a limited number of teams that can be assigned to each Challenge.  Assignments will be allocated based on the date of Challenge Team Registration, with the possibility some of the Challenges may be completely allocated prior to the January 24 Team Registration deadline – so please submit your registration as early as possible to maximize your chances of getting your preferred Challenge.

Everyone must register to attend the Challenge Day (April 23) through the TCC’s website, and purchase a ticket for the Workshop.  Challenge Team members are provided a discount for the Workshop - $25 for April 23 and $50 to attend both days of the Workshop (other attendees will be charged $100 for one day and $150 for both days of the Workshop).